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We here at Love Horror obviously love horror but we also love other movies too especially Sci-Fi mainly because it is a genre that horror often crosses over into.

A true Sci-Fi fan Zombie2 aka Alex has joined with two other opinionated experts Chris and Sam to form the Science Fiction Rating System a brand new podcast taking on the mammoth task of rating every Sci-Fi movie ever made!

The format is simple with three films selected each fortnight either through a theme or a random and then discussed and ranked on a ever increasing list that only run out when the intrepid trio run out of Sci-Fi movies.

Funny,factual and informative there have been three episodes of the Science Fiction Rating System so far starting with some of the most popular Hollywood science fiction films ever made Jurassic Park, Independence Day and Star Wars IV A New Hope followed by the hosts Alex, Sam and Chris’s personal choices WALL-E, Innerspace and They Live (no prizes for guessing Love Horror’s pick in that bunch!)

Most recently a listener requested a Valentines theme of Sci-Fi romance movies which included Her, Safety Not Guaranteed and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind provoking no end of arguments between the panel when it came to where the films should stand against all the others discussed so far. Finally last episode they randomly selected films from lists of the best and worst Sci-Fi movies ever made which threw up the epically odd offering of Spacebars, Silent Running and Universal Solider: The Return!

So if you are a Sci-Fi fan, need to know where your favorite space epic ranks in their list or fancy a movie podcast with a difference when not give Science Fiction Rating System Podcast a go. You can download the podcasts on Itunes here – – and subscribe for more!

Also you can check out the list so far here and follow them on Twitter @SFRatingSystem where they would be more than happy to hear your thoughts on the ranking.


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