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0119: The Terminator

Arnie said he’d be back, we just didn’t realise how often. As the 32nd Terminator film, Terminatrix VII: The Terminating hits cinemas we finally watch the original film, where James Cameron’s involvement was more than sitting in on a couple of story meetings and doing a bunch of press. Yes, before he left for his […]Read More

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0121: Dune

For the first of our new format birthday picks we watch Sam’s choice, Dune. With Denis Villenueve currently deep into post-production on a big budget remake we return to the 1984 Lynch original to try and make sense of the plot, confront our childhood PTSD from that scene with the hand, and get into some […]Read More

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The Mandalorian Spoilercast I

Our winter break is over and we’re back from Disney’s Make a Wish theatre with our thoughts on the first three episodes of The Mandalorian. Spoilers galore as we give initial thoughts on the series, and also slight spoilers for_ The Rise of Skywalker_ because we get into that, too.Read More