PARANORMAL DRIVE at FrightFest 2016

imgresThe road to Hell is nothing, get ready for Paranormal Drive!

A horrible crime occurred last spring – as a result of an argument a husband killed his wife, dismembered the body and hid it in the trunk of their car. Despite trying not to look like a suspect the murderer was soon arrested by the police.

Andrey and Olya are a couple. Andrey buys a suspiciously cheap car in good condition. That evening together with their 5-y.o. daughter they take an overnight trip to a different city. During the trip, Olya is hearing strange noises and tells Andrey that she feels there is something wrong with the car. Andrey becomes irritated, because he doesn’t notice it, and it starts a conflict. In the meantime the daughter in the back seat starts a conversation with the invisible woman, but the parents don’t hear it. The ghost of a murdered woman does not like family arguments, and now our characters are under her control… Their route has already been created.

Below is the trailer and you can buy your tickets for the FrightFest screening Here


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