Blair Witch Sequel Revealed

Comic Con seems to be one of the best places to get the hottest movie scoops, and this year something dark and creepy was revealed at the annual San Diego event.

Adam Wingard’s latest project The Woods has been revealed to actually be Blair Witch, the long anticipated sequel to the surprise 1999 hit, The Blair Witch Project.

The film is set 20 years after the original movie in which three friends ventured into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland never to return.

Driven by theories and conjecture, James (James Allen McCune of TV’s Shameless) is determined to find out what happened to his sister on the trip. Joining him on his quest are friends Peter (Wreck-It Ralph’s Brandon Scott), Ashley and film student Lisa who are keen to uncover and document the mysteries surrounding the mysterious disappearance.

Blair Witch 2016 horror

The trip starts well, especially when a pair of locals offer to act as guides through the dark and winding woods. But as the endless night wears on, the group is visited by a menacing presence.

The sequel will come as exciting news for any fans of the original, particularly those that were unlucky enough to fall foul of the disappointing previous attempt at a follow up Book of Shadows.

Blair Witch is scheduled for a September release and we’ll bring you more news as it comes.

And you can watch the trailer right now, here:



There is little that gets between Gremlin and a good news story. Except perhaps a late night snack followed by a dip in the pool.

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