Grimmfest directors need your help to Kickstart their MCR based horror film, HABIT!

13226988_1732562773687734_7437353347235721133_nWe have some very exciting news for all you Grimmfest lovers out there. Grimmfest have launched a kickstarter campaign for their film HABIT, directed by Grimmfest’s very own Simeon Halligan, and as die hard grimmers we’re asking you to join them on another gory adventure and help them fill their blood bank!

Grimm says “We’ve got some FANTASTIC rewards on offer for each donation. And the bigger the donation the more gruesome the reward. Everything from props and costumes to signed bloody hand prints from the crew of the film, could be yours! It just depends entirely on how generous you feel like being. It’s that simple folks…

If this email spikes your interest, then head over to – – NOW and check out and


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