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dfdsffdsfBad Lieutenant meets Lethal Weapon in this blackly-comic buddy cop thriller. Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas, Kick-Ass) delivers his best performance in years as a nihilistic cop who teams with a reluctant young officer played by Elijah Wood (Maniac, Sin City) to stage a big money heist. After premiering at SXSW, The Trust has already picked up a word-of-mouth reputation as the crime thriller to watch this year.

In a department full of sleaze and corruption, Las Vegas cops Jim Stone (Nicolas Cage) and David Waters (Elijah Wood) form an unlikely team as they begin an off-the-books investigation into a bailed heroin dealer.

Discovering the dealer’s huge underground safe beneath an apartment building, they hatch a plan into the safe for their own ends…

First-time writer-director siblings Alex and Benjamin Brewer have created something wholly original with The Trust. Part neo-noir, part buddy cop black comedy, it’s a quirky and offbeat take on the heist movie – putting together an unlikely but brilliantly conceived partnership in Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood.

Critics are praising the film as Nicolas Cage’s “renaissance” and him being back to his very best, with a blistering performance that has shades of the unhinged Bad Lieutenant and his other, most manic roles. Not one to be overshadowed, however, Elijah Woods is also fantastic, with a reserved and layered character who plays the ying to Cage’s eccentric yang.

For all its reinvention though, The Trust is still a heist movie at heart. As the plot is hatched and begins to unfold, it becomes a highly tense thriller, and the Brewer brothers demonstrate the skills and genre know-how to create a genuinely suspenseful thrill-ride.

Following its premiere at SXSW, The Trust has already picked up stellar reviews from the likes of Variety and The Guardian – making this one of the most-talked-about and must-see upcoming crime thrillers.

The Trust is out at cinemas and VOD 27th May and check out the two clips from The Trust below:


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