Evil Dead Series Planned

One of the most exciting pieces of news over the past couple of weeks for Evil Dead fans is that the next piece of the franchise will come in the form of a television series.

At Comic Con 2014, Sam Raimi announced that he

Bruce Campbell Evil Dead Series
Bruce Campbell, ecstatic, yesterday.
and his brother Ivan would be working on the project and that Bruce Campbell would be starring in it, something that was later reinforced by Campbell on Twitter.

Evil Dead was resurrected recently with Fede Alvarez interpretation which was bloody and unflinching, but lacked the humour (and lead character/actor) that the Evil Dead faithful had grown to love.
It’s expected then that Sam Raimi and co will take things back in the direction of the original thread, not least because, well, anything like the Alvarez version would be too graphic for television audiences.

What to expect for the Evil Dead Series

Fans have already been speculating how things will play out. The reasons behind the decision to create an Evil Dead Series in the first place no doubt lie in the success of other recent dark, horror inspired television series’ such as The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and Hannibal.
It’s safe to assume then that the Evil Dead project will draw on the strengths of those programmes and add it’s unique blend of gore and humour.

It’s also safe to assume that Campbell, as Ash, will take the lead. But, as in the case of the other network successes mentioned above, there are likely to be more complex relationships and a greater depth of character development than we have ever witnessed in an Evil Dead film.

We’ll keep you posted on events as they happen.



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