Orca – The Killer Whale


STUDIOCANAL have unearthed a cult classic gem from the archive and will be releasing the “natural horror” ORCA – THE KILLER WHALE, starring Richard Harris and Charlotte Rampling, on DVD Now.

From legendary producer Dino De Laurentiis, comes an epic, complex tale of man versus beast. ORCA – THE KILLER WHALE has deservedly earned cult classic status thanks to a heady mix of B movie thrills with uniquely well-crafted characterisation and tragic emotion.

Featuring faultless performances from Richard Harris and Charlotte Rampling in an all star cast, ORCA – THE KILLER WHALE charts the exploits of Captain Nolan (Richard Harris, GLADIATOR, THE FIELD), an Irishman living in Canada, making a living catching marine animals to pay off the mortgage on his boat.

An aquarium is seeking a killer whale; if Nolan can deliver one to them, he’ll have all the money he needs. When a school of Orcas is spotted, Nolan forcibly puts his risky plan into action, but tragically harpoons his target’s pregnant mate instead. Traumatised by the bloody murder of its partner and unborn young, and hungry for revenge, the Killer Whale begins

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