Love Horror & 13th Hour Horror Festival

We are horrifyingly happy to announce something very special this Halloween as we have teamed up with the wickedly wonderful people at AlleyKat productions for the inaugural 13th Hour Horror Festival at London’s Leicester Square Theatre.

Running from the 24th of October right through Halloween itself to the 4th of November the amazing festival offers up a spectacular scary line up of shows with everything from stand up to storytelling with theatre, comedy; film; music and lectures as well on offer.

Expect a full line up very soon but the main events of note are a visually stunning and faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic chiller Dracula directed by the award winning Adam Morley staring Andrew Lee Potts and Charlie Bond.

The Hallowe’en Sessions sees an amazing team of horror and fantasy creators joining forces including Kim Newman and The Devils Business director Sean Hogan to bring you a nightmarish evening filled with primal screams.

Also of note is Love Horror’s own contribution to the 13th Hour Horror Festival our Zombie Movie Massacre where we screen some of the best zombie movies ever made including Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later and Dead Snow.

Tickets for all the events are on sale now Here and look out for lots and lots more information and coverage coming your way soon.

In the mean time you can find 13th Hour Horror Festival online Here and on Facebook and Twitter at @13thHourHorror.

13th Hour Horror Festival


Alex Humphrey

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