The Raid Arrives on DVD & Blu-Ray

The RaidThe Raid was the breakout, smash-hit action film of the year that blew the minds of audiences during its theatrical release. Now the action comes to DVD and Blu-ray featuring a host of extra features, including a director’s commentary exclusive to this UK release out on the 25th of September.

An intense, virtually non-stop series of unbelievable fight sequences set to an electrifying kick-ass score by Linkin Park vocalist, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Mike Shinoda and reaffirms Gareth Evans’ reputation as a director to watch and further confirms Iko Uwais’ status as both an outstanding fight choreographer and as one of world’s most impressive new action movie stars.

The film was also the winner of the Midnight Madness People’s Choice Award at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in 2011 and the winner of both the coveted Audience Award for Best Film and the Dublin Film Critics Award for Best Film at the Dublin International Film Festival in February this year, marking the first time in history both awards have gone to the same film.

Well worth buying for the film alone and the opportunity to ultra slow mo some of those brutal action scenes the DVD and Blu-Ray come with a whole host of amazing extras listed below –The Raid

DVD and Blu-ray will include Directors commentary *Exclusive to UK Disc* , The Raid feature – original language with English subs , The Raid feature with English dub, Featuring U.S. and original uncut version, Trailers, Video Blogs, “Claycats: The Raid” , The Raid Fan Films, Featurettes, Behind the Music with Mike Shinoda and Joe Trapanese and An Evening with Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais and there is also a Exclusive Steelbook Blu-ray based on designs by award winning comic book artist Mark Simpson AKA Jock first appearing in Empire magazine and now exclusive to this Steelbook.

The Raid is out on the 25th of September and if you still not convinced check out the killer clip below:


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