Paranormal Activity 4 Coming Soon

Paranormal Activity is back for more in this fourth installment, set to hit the big screens early 2013.

Details are sketchy, but this latest episode looks to follow on with the last with a new family finding themselves involved in the spooky goings on surrounding Katie.

The film also looks to change up the found footage formula somewhat by incoporating a video web chat to give a sense of real time scares.

Paranormal Activity 4

While you’re waiting for the release, why not check out the trailer below and also take part in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 ‘Want It’ campaign, voting for a screening in your city – visit the Facebook page for more details: Sheffield currently in 14th place and London in 16th…



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  • I also love the addition of the web cam as a mode for filming. It really does give the sense that we are experiencing the horror alongside the new neighbor. I started watching these movies after a co-worker at Dish, and fellow movie buff, recommended them to me. I was hesitant at first, but after I watched one, I immediately ordered the rest from Blockbuster @Home. I love the convenience of getting the DVDs in the mail, or if I’m feeling impatient, exchanging them in the store. It looks like there is a lot of potential for this installment; I just hope they manage to address some unanswered questions along the way.

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