Horror Channel launches new Horror Club

Horror ChannelHorror Club, created by Horror Channel, will open its ghoulish doors for the first time at The Horse Hospital on Thursday 3rd May from 7pm with a special screening of Alex Chandon’s riotously gore-soaked INBRED.

This special event, open to all horror fans, will be introduced by Horror Channel’s Emily Booth and genre expert/ writer Billy Chainsaw. Chainsaw will interview Chandon after the screening. Chandon, an award-winning writer and director, is probably best known for his outrageous genre feature films PERVIRELLA and CRADLE OF FEAR.

Entry is free and seats can be won by entering a competition exclusively through Horror Channel


Emily Booth, who has a cameo role in the film, commented: “Horror Club is a chance for Horror Channel to give something back to the fans, who’ll not only get to see a cool new horror flick but with an exclusive audience of like minded people. We want to evoke the atmosphere of that midnight movie screening – mates, drinks, laughs and thrills! And on a more serious note fans will also get to meet the director and of course us nice chaps at the Horror Channel.”

INBRED, which went down a storm at this year’s FrightFest, is an hilariously warped nightmare with nowt taken out. Four young urban offenders and their two care workers embark on a community service weekend in the remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake. Before you can say ‘Ey up’, they upset the yokels with their city ways and put themselves in the gravest of dangers. This best bad taste un-PC gore-soaked riot is more fun than a ferret down the trousers…oh, wait a minute, that’s in there too…

Read our INBRED review Here and check out the trailer below:


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