We want to know your most scariest films!

It’s easy for us at Love Horror to sit here and tell you what we think the most scariest films are.

In fact, we have a couple of ways for you to

most scariest films
Scary or just plain silly?
find out exactly how we feel about the films that cause the most fear. We have our list of Top 10 Horror Films which stands as our shrine to the most scariest films ever.

But you can also easily navigate to the top tier of horror movies by searching our reviews by star rating, with the best in horror getting five stars and the really bad stuff failing to get any at all.

But as we add more interactivity to the site, we want to know what YOU think the most scariest films of all time are.
To discover this, in tandem with the new site launch, we’re going to be running polls and other methods of research to find out just how you feel. Never before have you been able to express your feelings to Love Horror.

The new look site is set to launch shortly, so you’re likely to see lots of changes over the coming weeks, along with a whole heap of improvements to the way that the site looks and works.

And fingers crossed that the most scariest films are still yet to be discovered!


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