Demons is Coming!

After announcing a double bill screening at Grimm’s Monthly movie nights we have more news on the seminal shocker Demons as both films get set for a special release at the end of April.

DemonsArrow Films is pleased to announce the limited edition deluxe versions of Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento’s blood-curdling zombie horror classics Demons and Demons 2 – released as Blu-ray, DVD and Steelbook editions, alongside Demons 3, an exclusive and specially commissioned comic book by Stefan Hutchinson. All formatsare released in the UK on Monday April 30th.

Restored from the original camera negatives by Cineteca di Bologna, these highly anticipated horror cult classics breathe new demonic fire and unrelenting fury into Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento’s notorious and now-legendary Demons franchise.

Each release will be packaged with a variety of reversible and interchangeable original Anglo/Italian and newly commissioned artwork by Jeff Zornow, a double-sided fold-out poster, an exclusive collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the franchise by Calum Waddell, plus Books 1 & 2 of the aforementioned Demons 3 collector’s comic.

Originally released theatrically in 1985, Demons is a macabre and frenzied slice of gory shock tactic horror that splashes over the screen with a riotous x-rated violence, face-chewing Zombies set against a pounding 80s Heavy Metal soundtrack.

Deep inside the fleapit confines of a seedy downtown cinema, an unsuspecting audience watches brutal horror flick. Suddenly sheer horror rips out of the screen, unleashing a swarm of slathering demons, intent on spreading their pure evil and havoc across the globe.

The pulsating music soundtrack has been hailed as one of the greatest ever within the genre, with a strong 80s hair metal anthems playing at top volume from start to finish. The soundtrack includes tracks from Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Saxon, Accept and Pretty Maids, alongside 80s pop rockers including Rick Springfield and Go West. The score was written by the renowned Italian composer Claudio Simonetti.

Following in 1986, Demons 2 brings the hell straight out of the TV set into your living room. Out of the dark Forbidden Zone, the world’s ugliest zombies wreak carnage in an apartment block, eating the residents and spreading their deadly plague. This Italian splatter classic will leave you breathlessly in fear of using a television ever again!

Not The Ogre. Not The Church. Not even Black Demons. Now, for the very first time, Arrow Films presents the original sequel to the first two Demons cult classics in the shape of a new comic book entitled Demons 3. It is the 16th Century, the time of the plague in Southern France. Amid the carnage, a new evil is starting to take form and only Nostradamus can see it. Are his horrifying visions of the future signs of what will come to pass? Can he stop the demons from taking over the world? Demons 3 is an all-new epic tale of demonic decapitation is written by Stefan Hutchinson and Barry Keating, with artwork by Jeff Zornow and Peter Fielding.

Time to tool up and take no prisoners… The Demons are coming!

“The Demons 3 comic book is a new and exclusive instalment in the Demons franchise that effortlessly delivers the third part in the trilogy the fans have been waiting for,” says Francesco Simeoni, Arrow Films’ label manager.

“Over the years, there have been many films bearing the moniker of Demons 3,” continues comic book creator, Stefan Hutchinson, “but none of them were genuine sequels. We tried to set the record straight with the Demons 3 comic book. The comic is a gruesome and violent horror tale that will show the first two films in a totally new light. With Jeff Zornow’s chilling artwork, we’ve created sequel that’s like a 70s Marvel comic book on crack.”

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