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Giallo and J&B: The Abertoir Horror Festival 2017: Part One

In Notorious November, the Abertoir Horror Festival is the event to be at in the sleepy Welsh coastal town of Aberystwyth. The twelfth edition of the long running festival celebrated a killer six days of giallo greatness, featuring pivotal figures of the sub-genre in the shape of Sergio Martino and Lamberto Bava in attendance.Read More

A Blade in the Dark (1983) Review

The affirmative opinion amongst genre fans is that quality ‘giallo’ films peaked during the 1970’s. It is no secret that the quintessential releases of the sub-genre were distributed during that time. The masters of giallo cinema, Mario Bava and Dario Argento lay the groundwork for a succession of directorial peers who attempted to make their […]Read More

Black Sunday (1960) Review

Arrow Video once again hits a bullseye with two brilliant Mario Bava releases. They’re packed with extras and showcase the Italian horror supremo’s early work in all its gory glory, the first of which is Black Sunday also known as Mask of Satan.Read More

Demons 2 (1986) Review

In Demons, Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento created a puss-fuelled, post modern possession movie as fun and horror filled as it was brilliantly directed. So the question, is how do you make a sequel to such a self aware and sensational horror movie?Read More

Demons (1985) Review

Made in 1985 from a script by Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento, directed by the former and produced by the latter, Demons is a stone cold cult classic Italian horror which manages to be as enjoyable as it is insightful. Offering up a killer combination of mass hysteria over a heavy metal soundtrack and a […]Read More

Demons 3 News

Following the exciting news that restored versions of Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava’s blood-curdling zombie horror classics DEMONS & DEMONS 2 will be released (on Blu-ray, DVD and Steelbook today April 30th), Arrow Video are pleased to premiere exclusive extracts from the specially commissioned DEMONS 3 COMIC BOOKS.Read More