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So we get sent a lot of stuff on a daily basis here at Love Horror. Some the trailers are easy to dismiss. This one however, was not.

Made in Italy is a rather disturbing looking Italian language documentary style film which documents some horrendous events involving homeless people being used for their organs and later as food.
Yeah, it sounds messed up. Is it based on a true story? Who knows, we don’t!

Made in Italy

The teaser trailer for Made in Italy has understandably triggered much interest in the horror community. Now available to view on the Made in Italy site (, the trailer gives a tantalising (and a bit sickening) upsetting and alternative Italian “mondo movie”.

The official site looks to build on the trailer and add some additional content and features to entice prospective viewers.
The director, known as Jephta explained “We will build a narrative bridge between website and movie contents. That is an innovative project. It will profoundly change the relationship between cinema and web”.

The film itself is now in post production.

Check out the Made in Italy trailer here:


Tom Atkinson

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