The Summer of Massacre breaks Guinness World Record

The Summer of Massacre posterFrom producing/writing/directing team Joe Castro and Steven Escobar comes an independent slasher film that has been winning awards at film festivals across the world.  Alongside over 20 awards, The Summer of Massacre was named in the Guinness World Records as “highest body count in a slasher film”.  With a record like that, gore fans are lining up to see the movie.  The trick appears to be that the premise of the film contains not one or two maniacal killers, but EIGHT.  In what appears to be a modern take on classic splatter films and slashers, the body count quickly rises to more than 150.

Vicious Circle Film (Breaking Glass Pictures) has a DVD and Blu-Ray release of The Summer of Massacre set for January 10, 2012.  For a list of awards and photos from the film, visit the official site.  Now enjoy the official gore-filled trailer:


The Templar

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