Lucky McKee’s The Woman Announced for Grimm Up North

Grimm Up North
Grimm Up North is pleased to announce its second offering of blood and fear in this year’s gloriously gut-wrenching horrorfest as Lucky McKee’s The Woman.

The must-see controversial film is co-written by award winning horror novelist Jack Ketchum (Red; The Girl Next Door; The Lost), and stars Angela Bettis (Toolbox Murders; Carrie; May), Sean Bridgers (Deadwood) and Pollyanna McIntosh (Burke And Hare; Exam; Land Of The Lost) and delves deep into the darkness of human nature.

Described by the Hollywood Reporter as being “like an especially perverse Lars Von Trier outing” and by Variety as “an exercise in extreme horror”, The Woman earlier this year proved itself to be one of the most controversial films ever to be screened at the Sundance Film Festival, thanks to its realistic and unflinching depiction of the psychological and physical brutality visited by what appears to be a normal American family upon a seemingly disadvantaged and helpless woman.

Grimm Up North

Also showing, David Cronenberg’s The Dead Zone

With an awesome cast including Christopher Walken, Herbet Lom and Martin Sheen, David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone is a popular classic that we just couldn’t resist showing at Grimm Up North this year. Following a serious traffic accident, English teacher Johnny Smith (Walken) awakes from a five-year coma to discover he has acquired a unique ability. He is able to psychically “read” anyone he comes into contact with – past, present, and future. When the police discover his abilities, he finds himself enlisted to help in a murder case. Then he shakes the hand of a popular political candidate, hotly tipped to be the next president, and has a vision of a future that has to be stopped at all costs…

Here at Grimm Up North we are really excited to be showing this movie. Cronenberg, the cinematic master of body horror and physical transformation, might seem an unusual choice to adapt a writer whose horrors are more often emotional and psychological, but for our money this is one of the most interesting cinematic versions of King’s work. The narrative may be apocalyptic, but the approach is surprisingly low-key. Cronenberg’s customarily cold and clinical eye and controlled direction, coupled with Walken’s gaunt presence, and the Wintery Ontario locations, make for an icily intelligent study in alienation, loneliness and escalating panic that’s well worth rediscovering. As an added bonus we get to hear Walken’s unique delivery of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”, while West Wing fans will doubtless enjoy Martin Sheen’s startling performance as a very different kind of US President!

Tickets for Grimm Up North will go on sale soon from the AMC Cinema’s box office and on the AMC website.


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