Ruggero Deodato and Franco Nero to appear at Cine-Excess V

Cannibal HolocaustCine-Excess, the annual International Conference on Global Cult Film returns to London at the end of May with Cine-Excess V – Subverting the Senses: The Politics and Aesthetics of Excess.

The event will take place at the Odeon Covent Garden from Thursday, 26th to Saturday, 28th May and will be attended by Guests of Honour, Italian acting legend Franco Nero (Django; Keoma; Die Hard 2) and controversial cult director Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust; The House On The Edge Of The Park).

Organised by Brunel University in London, Cine-Excess brings together global cult film icons with international scholars in an event that features international filmmaker discussions, a three-day academic conference and UK theatrical premieres and exclusive screenings.

The theme of this year’s Cine-Excess is “Subverting the Senses: The Politics and Aesthetics of Excess”, which examines the theme of the controversial cult image in its political, historical and aesthetic contexts. With the resurgence of critical interest in the 1980s “video nasties”, as well as a whole new generation of films being subject to state control, the cult image is now a crucial index between the censor and the censored.The House on the Edge of the Park

Both Franco Nero and Ruggero Deodato will be discussing their prolific careers in relation to these wider social trends and tensions at the event. Cine-Excess V will also feature a screening of Deodato’s controversial classic, “Cannibal Holocaust”, which is being released on Blu-ray by Shameless Films later this year.

Deodato’s controversial cult catalogue will also be discussed by Professor Martin Barker (Aberystwyth University) at Cine-Excess V. Professor Barker will be delivering a keynote address on audience responses to controversial cult material such as Deodato’s “The House On The Edge Of The Park”, which is adapted from a recent study he conducted in conjunction with the BBFC.

To tie in with Cine-Excess V, FAB Press will be launching two new lavishly illustrated books to complement the event: “Cannibal Holocaust And The Savage Cinema Of Ruggero Deodato” (edited by Harvey Fenton and now being reissued in a revised, updated edition after being out of print for a decade) and “Any Gun Can Play: The Essential Guide To Euro-Westerns”, written by Kevin Grant and including a foreward by Franco Nero. Both Deodato and Nero will be signing copies of the books at Cine-Excess V.

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Oh and just to get you in the mood here is the trailer for Deodato’s masterpiece, Cannibal Holocaust –


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