Hot Horror Movies for 2011

the thing 2011 A new year brings about lots of things. Some start diets, some look for a new job, and we here at Love Horror look forward to a new year of horror.

With this in mind, we did a bit of preliminary searching around to see which horror films look promising for 2011. No doubt half of them will let us down in the end, but hey ho, that’s the risk you take when making predictions isn’t it?

Insidious (2011)

Directed by a man who had a hand in the Saw movies, James Wan, comes this more supernatural horror about a boy that acts as a magnet for evil spirits as he lies in a comatosed state. While this no-doubt causes some problems for the kids family in the real world, his conscious mind is trapped in a place known as ‘the further’ where he has some battles to fight of his own.

insidious movie 2011

This production is probably going to get a lot of hype. Lets hope it has some nice original elements to it.
Read the review here!

Fright Night (2011)

Remember the original Fright Night? No? Well, it wasn’t that huge. It was a comedy horror about a kid who discovers that his neighbour is a vampire. After being spotted by the blood sucker whilst witnessing a ‘meal’ the boy must find a way to survive and ultimately lay his neighbour to rest.

Fright Night Movie 2011 horror 2011

With an interesting cast including McLovin himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Colin Farrell as the vampire and David Tennant as the vampire hunter, it’s hard to guage whether this will be a surprising success or damp squib…

Scream 4 (2011)

Love it or hate it, the Scream series has something undeniably enduring scream 4 movie 2011and endearing about it. And after a nice 11 year break (after Scream 3 took a decidedly nasty turn into the uninteresting) the fourth, and dare we say final chapter promises to bring back the better original elements and even cast members.

Initial reports suggest that the story will involve Sydney Prescott returning to her former high school as a guidance councillor of some kind. She has finally gotten over her horrible past (as much as possible) and probably thinks that all of the would be ghost face maniacs with a decent motive are all killed off. However, as she returns to her home town the killings start again.

Priest (2011)

Light fast paced action movies with vampires in? You know like Blade?
Well, Priest should be right up your alley.
The priest in question has a neice kidnapped by vampires and goes against the will of his superiors to save her and exact some vengance.

priest movie 2011

What makes this one different is that it’s set in the future (a dark one at that) and so has lots of cool gadgets. Expect lots of CGI and Matrix inspired fisty-cuffs.

The Thing (2011)

Quite why anyone would want to remake The Thing after John Carpenter’s flawless imagining of it is beyond me.
However, someone has gone ahead and put the wheels in motion, no doubt it’ll be a 3D affair with the odd subtle change but little to really blow your mind.
Oh, the lead character is a woman this time, so that’s different I guess?
Probably the horror movie to be met with the most scepticism in 2011 if nothing else!

the thing movie 2011


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