GoreZone Celebrity Ghost Hunt

Love Horror Goes Ghost Hunting with GoreZone

gorezone celebrity ghost huntIt was late on a Friday and only the Love Horror editor, Zombie1 was left in the office (the rest of the team were either out feasting on the living or tucked up nicely in a confined space somewhere).

Suddenly an email comes through from our friends at GoreZone Magazine to ask for urgent assistance at a ghost hunt that very evening. Attending would be a handful of celebrities, some lucky readers, some of the GoreZone team and some paranormal investigators – all keen to make contact with the ‘other side’.

The location was the Ragged School Museum in East London, a former home for poor children and once owned by Dr Thomas Barnado; preacher, campaigner for the poor and worryingly, also a suspect for the Jack the Ripper murders.
Arriving with a camcorder and little else, Zombie1 was introduced to the group. Among it’s numbers were one of the stars from The Lost Boys 3; some Big Brother contestants; a glamour model or two and some other familiar faces from the UK horror industry (most notably Emily Booth).

Let the ghost hunting begin!

With introductions over, those present were ushered upstairs to an old classroom. Seated at wooden desks the full horror of the night’s events were unveiled. The group would be split into two teams and attempt to contact the dead using various methods including the use of dividing rods, a crystal pendulum, a seance and even table tipping.
Those present would also be required to stay in a reputably haunted room, in darkness on their own in an attempt to lure out some of the resident apparitions.
Most horriyingly of all, the event would be televised. Our experiences would be filmed to document anything paranormal and ultimately leave us feeling a large amount of humiliation when watching it back afterwards.

Marion Goodfellow (medium) and Andy Matthews (investigator and historian) had been to the location before and were confident that we would all experience something. After some brief training on how to use the equipent (well, some rods and a crystal on a piece of string) we were encouraged to make contact in our small teams.

As the night sky grew darker, the atmosphere changed. Soon many of the group were experiencing ‘phenomena’ often independent of the attempts at spiritual communication. ‘Cold spots’ were felt, strange noises heard, strange sensations felt, and early on in the night the movement of large objects for no particular reason.

Yep, it really did feel like living out an episode of Most Haunted.

gorezone ghosthunt gorezone

Terror began to build when during a seance, objects seemed to fly from an undetermined source. Many small nails were found to fly through the air in the direction of a couple of the celebrities and panic set in when a chalk pentergram was found in the basement.

It was a thrilling night and best of all, you too can experience it as Gorezone are giving away the DVD of this night (along with other similar events that they have attended) with the 63rd issue of their magazine, available to buy today!
The FREE DVD will be packed full of never-before-seen extras from the world of GZ Magazine promising hours of enjoyment for all horror/ghost/reality TV buffs, including GZ Cover shoots, Celebrity Interviews and, lots more exclusive features.

Be sure to check it out and don’t be surpised if you seen something that others haven’t noticed, lurking in the shadows.

Here’s our little promo to get you even more exited about it:


Tom Atkinson

Tom is one of the editors at Love Horror. He has been watching horror for a worryingly long time, starting on the Universal Monsters and progressing through the Carpenter classics. He has a soft-spot for eighties horror.More

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