Last chance to enter our November Nightmares competition

As our fantastic November Nightmares event in partnership with streaming platform draws to an end, we reflect on some of the great horror that has been on offer, what we have enjoyed most and most importantly remind you that the fabulous competition will also end soon.

Things kicked-off with a bleating, barmy sheep-zombie (should that be shombie?) horror Black Sheep. Bursting with equal helpings of gore and dark humour it was the perfect way to ease ourselves in to the two week horror marathon.

Black Sheep was followed by something very different in the form of The Collector, replacing laughs with chills and Saw-esque devious torture sequences and adrenaline-inducing tension. A must see film for any Jigsaw fans out there.

The Collector was followed by eighties classic Dead and Buried, a zombie film with a twist that for some unknown reason often slips under the horror radar. Filled with unique features and steeped in nostalgia, it has now established itself firmly on our list of horror favourites and it’s now clear why so many other horror film makers (including Guillermo del Toro) speak so highly of it.

The only way to follow a great classic is probably by watching an even greater one, and so Night of the Living Dead finally got its long-overdue on Love Horror. George Romero’s seminal zombie film is important for so many reasons but in simple terms, is just a fantastic horror film which was ahead of its time and has influenced too many other films than it would be possible to count.

And to bring the fabulous five featured horrors to a close, we will reveal our review of Adam Green’s Hatchet tomorrow – bringing November Nightmares to a triumphantly gory end.

Last chance to win an iPad

But before the month is up you do still have time to win an 8th gen iPad or one of five copies of the book Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon.

Entering is simple. Just head over to our competition page and try your luck:
November Nightmares Competiton

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank W4free for giving us (and you guys) the chance to watch some great horror.

And the end of November Nightmares doesn’t mean the end of free horror on either. In December they have a batch of new titles to keep you on the edge of your seat right through the holiday season.



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