Will Bloodshot Be Vin Diesel’s Next Breakthrough Horror Franchise?

BloodshotVin Diesel’s new movie Bloodshot aims to stand out from the rest of his other action forays by going into rarely explored territory: R-rated material. While known for his action blockbusters, Diesel has also starred in horror and supernatural flicks. Let’s take a look at how these films fared at the box office as a gauge of how Bloodshot could potentially perform.

Pitch Black

This 2000 sci-fi horror flick written and directed by David Twohy starred Diesel at the start of his career. Naptown Nerd commends it as a movie with great twists that defy typical horror story conventions. It was gory and packed with frights on a similar level as Alien. It was a surprise sleeper hit, considering it had a cast of non C-list stars and no brand recognition. Pitch Black made $53 million worldwide. It was enough to warrant two sequels – The Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick. In Love Horror’s review of Riddick, we mentioned that it was a return to the horror roots of Pitch Black. Overall the entire franchise has made over $270 million at the global box office.

The Last Witch Hunter

The Last Witch Hunter is a supernatural tale about Kaulder, a man cursed to kill witches for all eternity. The movie has all the trappings of a horror movie though the studio opted to keep the film PG13. The Telegraph considers the movie strictly a by-the-numbers affair. They stated that it has some excellent sequences which cannot compensate for a formulaic script. The film made $147 million worldwide, faring better than any of the Riddick installments.

What Could This Mean For Bloodshot?

Based on the performances of these two franchises, it’s safe to say that Diesel has a new star vehicle to ride. He helped create a franchise from the low performing but critically acclaimed Pitch Black. And he led The Last Witch Hunter to good box office returns despite bad reviews.

For Bloodshot, Sony has gotten a quality production team to back Diesel up. They’ve selected Diesel’s producer for the FF franchise Neil H. Moritz to apply the same blockbuster formula. Oscar-nominee Eric Heisserer was hired to write the script. Plus, Valiant Entertainment, the company that owns Bloodshot, has already started the marketing machine for the character by lending licensed material to other media projects.

Gaming platform FoxyBingo has been putting the character front and centre in their Bloodshot slot title. Audiences get acquainted with the hero through striking visuals that stay true to the Bloodshot comic book art. When the movie comes out, it’s the start of a campaign that will capitalize on Diesel’s fandom and increase the character’s brand awareness. Expect Sony to pull out all the stops as the movie gets closer to its release date.

According to Sony’s press release, they intend to make a movie inspired by the work of Paul Verhoeven. The Starship Troopers and Total Recall director is notorious for his gory death sequences. If they can actually follow through on that promise, then horror fans will be thrilled.


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