The Homes of Horror

The eagerly anticipated Winchester: The House That Ghosts Build, starring Helen Mirren, is out in UK cinemas 2nd February and we’ve rounded up the most chilling homes in horror films to make you squirm in your seat before even seeing it.

The Others
A classic horror-thriller surrounding a mother attempting to take care of her two young children in their remote country mansion, waiting for her soldier husband to return. The two children suffer from an extreme and potentially fatal sensitivity to sunlight, forcing her to continuously worry over them. When the servants begin to do unexpected tasks around the house, the mother is convinced they are being haunted by vengeful spirits.

Not your traditional horror film, this haunted house film delivers the laughs and the screams equally. After a car accident tragically takes the lives of Barbara and Adam Maitland, the couple find themselves trapped in their beautiful yet quirky home. Matters get complicated when the unbearable Deetze family move in and the Maitland’s find themselves bargaining with an untrustworthy and boisterous spirit to assist them on getting rid of the family.

The Woman In Black
This terrifying tale has been seen across a book, TV-series, theatre production and multiple movies and never fails to chill you to the bone.
A young lawyer is tasked with retrieving documents left by a mysterious deceased woman before the sale of the rather dilapidated Eel Marsh House. A string of unexplained terrors continue, with the local villager’s hiding a dark secret and the apparently unstoppable wrath of the eccentric deceased woman looming over everyone.
With doors that unexplainably lock and unlock themselves, a rocking chair that swings of it’s own accord and the vast stretch of sinister marshland surrounding, this is one house you wouldn’t want to find yourself visiting.

The Shining
While this isn’t technically a house, the Overlook Hotel is the Torrance families home for the winter.
Hoping to cure his writers block and find inspiration, Jack Torrance takes post as caretaker at the isolated hotel. Little did he know that the psychic premonitions that his son is plagued with would grow stronger and finally take over the entire families fate.
A maze of rooms connected by that infamous patterned carpet and a harsh winter holding the family hostage, this is a recipe for disaster. You can actually stay in the hotel this was filmed at – The Stanley Hotel in the Rocky Mountains.

Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built
Following the passing of Sarah Winchester’s husband and child, the firearms heiress seeks solace by building a home to keep all the souls of Winchester firearm victims at bay – the only trouble is, she can never stop construction of this home. A sceptical and drug-dependant psychiatrist is hired to evaluate her state of mind, he soon discovers that her obsession may not be so far-fetched after all.
Perhaps the most terrifying part of this, is that the Winchester Mystery House is real – and you can visit its 160 rooms, if you dare.

A struggling writer moves his family into a seemingly normal family house that is full of unknown murderous secrets with the hopes that he can write a hit book. Bursting with disturbing scenes that are waiting to be the source of your nightmares, a discovered box of home-made videos containing truly gruesome scenes haunts the family and foretells their demise.

Winchester: The House That Ghosts Build is out in UK cinemas 2nd February

The Winchester Mystery House, California USA


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