Find out all about the UK’s first film lovers’ app MyFilmClub®

Given the size and scope of the UK film industry, you’d think someone would’ve found a way to make cinema-going more connected by now. To have taken our national love of film and made it social. Surprisingly not. Therefore, we introduce to you MyFilmClub® – the UK’s first film lovers’ app.

MyFilmClub® is the ultimate app for film buffs. It brings together finding films and booking tickets, ordering VOD and Blu-ray/DVDs, with the freedom to chat with friends, create film clubs, and arrange meet-ups. You can even organise your own screenings, find local cinema events or event cinema, enter competitions, catch up on the latest film news and receive notifications about when your favourite film has tickets on sale.

It also includes the best bits of WhatsApp and Citymapper and smashes them into one app. Making the big screen properly accessible from your small screen for the first time. Available to download on iPhone, iPad and Android now, MyFilmClub® makes the act of finding, seeing and sharing films easier, more sociable and more fun.

MyFilmClub® was imagined and created by Wez Merchant, an entertainment company entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market for a space where cinema fans could talk about, watch and enjoy movies with other like-minded people.

“It came to me one day whilst I was looking around the train carriage and all I could see was everyone’s heads buried in their phones. We have become like robots using the amazing tool to simply keep our speeding thoughts occupied. We have no concentra…..sorry, we have no concentration anymore.”

With his film industry background, Wez then started to piece things together: “There was not a good or decent film app available. There have been a few attempts but they have fallen by the wayside because there has been no social context to them – they have been all about sales up until now and made by people who have all the tech know-how but don’t know how to give it personality. That’s when MyFilmClub® was born. I wanted to create an app which provided useful film information and content but also one which had a social conscience as well as reminding people of the good old days when contacting someone required military planning. I’m getting older, grumpier and finding myself harking back to simpler times – I’m basically turning into my Dad.”

“It’s using the technology we have at our disposal to actually get people to detach from their phones, by having real interactions, meeting new people and catching up with old friends. If your partner doesn’t want to see the latest horror, and you don’t want to go on your own, then you can put out a message to your local group and see if anyone else fancies meeting you there.

Hopefully this will be a good combatant against piracy too as it will help to stop the idea that you can just find a stream and download a terrible copy – get out and enjoy the experience rather than watch Logan, shot at an angle, with Japanese subtitles, muffled sound and people getting in the way as they get up to go to the loo”.


MyFilmClub® is available to download for free on iPhones, iPads and Android devices/phones now via the App Store and Google Play

The first rule of MyFilmClub®? You DO talk about MyFilmClub® and you can do it here here and here

Find out more at and check out their special trailer featuring the forthcoming Spring releases below:


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