Warner Brothers Blu-ray Special Editions

After releasing the brilliant Iconic Moments Collection Warner Brothers are back with a wonderful set of horror Blu-rays featuring tons of exciting extras.

Special editions of sci-fi classics Logan’s Run, Soylent Green, Them!, The Omega Man; horror classic The Shining; horror comedies Gremlins 2 and Little Shop of Horrors come to Blu-ray® in the UK in these special editions for the first time from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment among other movies.

These beautifully packaged combo packs (featuring Blu-ray and DVD discs as well as digital download) include director’s cuts and extended cuts never seen before on Blu-ray. Each title is packed with extras and comes with a set of highly collectable film cards.

All out now check out the releases and feature details below:

Gremlins 2 (1990)
Remember Kingston Falls? Remember the rules? Your life might just depend on it as a new batch of Gremlins is about to take a bite out of the Big Apple! Gizmo, everyone’s favourite Mogwai, Billy and his, now fiancé, Kate, must once again face off against the creatures who are bigger, smarter and more ferocious than ever. The laughs are bigger and the stakes are higher when this new army of Gremlins takes over a New York skyscraper. It’s fun but in no sense civilised!”
Special Features:
Over 20 minutes of never-before-seen footage
Behind the scenes documentary
Feature length commentary by director Joe Dante and producer Michael Finnell
Gag reel


The Shining – Extended edition (1980)
From a script he co-adapted from the Stephen King novel, Kubrick melds vivid performances, menacing settings, dream like tracking shots and shock aftershock into a milestone of the macabre. In a signature role, Jack Nicholson (“Heeeere’s Johnny!”) plays Jack Torrance, who’s come to the elegant, isolated Overlook Hotel as off-season caretaker with his wife (Shelley Duvall) and son (Danny Lloyd). Torrance has never been there before – or has he? The answer lies in a ghostly time warp of madness and murder.
In this original theatrical cut there is an additional 25mins of footage that Kubrick had included at theatrical launch. A decision was made to reduce the length and the 119 min cut has been the standard cut available in Europe.
Special Features:
Extended Feature
Commentary by Garrett Brown and John Baxter
Vivian Kubrick’s “The Making of the Shining” w/optional commentary
View from the Outlook: Crafting the Shining
The Visions of Stanley Kubrick
Wendy Carlos, Composer


Soylent Green (1973)
Soylent Green is landmark science fiction film, a cautionary tale that holds a mirror to a tomorrow rife with ecological disaster.
Working well again in the futuristic genre following Planet of the Apes and The Omega Man, action titan Charlton Heston portrays Thom, a detective prowling the dank streets of a polluted, overpopulated Big Apple gone rotten in 2022. He’s trailing a murderer – and the trail leads to a stunning discovery. Vividly realised, Soylent Green’s world gains its power not just from its special effects but from its heart – a human dimension magnified by the performance of legendary Edward G. Robinson in his moving screen farewell.
Special Features:
Feature-length audio commentary by Leigh Taylor-Young and director Richard Fleischer
Vintage documentary: “A Look at the World of Soylent Green”
MGM’s tribute to Edward G Robinson’s 101st film


Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
A comedy, a love story and a cult classic starring a giant singing plant from outer space — what else could it be but Little Shop of Horrors? The 1986 film has a surprisingly complex history; it began as a short story, then became a low-budget film, before turning into an Off-Broadway play, when finally Frank Oz and his team created this quirky screen version. Many fans do not know that this adaptation originally had a far more sinister ending, which everyone can now see in the additional Director’s Cut of the film included in this premium collection package.
Special Features:
Feature Directors Cut
Feature Theatrical Cut
Optional commentary by Frank Oz on the Director’s Cut 20-minute alternate ending
“Frank Oz and Little Shop of Horrors: The Director’s Cut” (introduction by Frank Oz with Richard Conway)
“A Story of Little Shop of Horrors” (behind-the-scenes documentary)
Outtakes and deleted scenes with optional commentary by Frank Oz
Two theatrical trailers
Commentary by Director Frank Oz
Music Only Track
Making of Featurette
2 TV Spots: “Fearless Hero”, “Cast / Revised ”
2 Theatrical Trailers


The Omega Man (1971)
Welcome to the future, biological war has decimated life on Earth. Los Angeles is a windswept ghost town where Robert Neville tools his convertible through sunlit streets foraging for supplies, and makes damn sure he gets undercover before sundown, when other ‘inhabitants’ emerge. The Omega Man adapts Richard Matheson’s novel ‘I Am Legend’ into a high-impact, high-tension saga of a fate not far removed from reality. Charlton Heston is Neville, fending off attacks by The Family, sinister neopeople spawned by the plague. He becomes a man with a mission after meeting Lisa (Rosalind Cash), another uninfected survivor – and guardian of some healthy children representing our species’ hope.
Special Features:
Introduction by co-stars Eric Laneuville and Paul Koslo and screenwriter Joyce H Corrington
Vintage featurette The Last Man Alive – The Omega Man
Theatrical trailer


Them! (1954)
Man has split the atom and ushered in a new era, but how could he know he would also create Them!?
Them (1954) is a landmark movie about giant radiation mutated ants that gets better with age and boasts remarkable, Academy Award – nominated special effects. Starring James Whitmore, James Arness and Edmund Gwenn, Them! begins in New Mexico with a child wandering in shock, a ransacked general store – and a battered corpse full of enough formic acid to kill 20 men. It ends with an epic struggle in the 700 miles of storm drains under Los Angeles, where the insect hordes are beaten, but they’re not conquered…as they have spawned a generation of films about radioactive creatures. Few though have equalled the artistry of Them!
Special Features:
Them! Selected outtakes
Still gallery


Logan’s Run (1976)
Live it up today, your time is up tomorrow. In the Year of the City 2274, humans forsake the ravaged outer environment by living in a vast, bubbled metropolis. There, computerized servo-mechanisms provide all needs and everyone can pursue endless hedonism. Endless, that is, until Lastday. That’s when anyone who’s 30 must submit to Carrousel, a soaring, spinning trip to eternity and supposed rebirth. The screen’s first use of laser holography provides some of the sci-fi kicks in this post-apocalyptic saga honoured with a Special Achievement Academy Award® for Visual Effects. Michael York plays Logan 5, a government Sandman authorized to terminate Runners fleeing Carrousel. Logan is almost 30. Catch him if you can.
Special Features:
Feature length commentary by Michael York, director Michael Anderson and costume designer Bill Thomas
Documentary: A look into the 23rd century
Theatrical trailer


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