Interview with Nate Fallows from The Mirror

allbigThe last of the cast to talk to us Nate Fallows plays Steve in the British supernatural horror The Mirror which is out on the 8th of September.

Below Nate chats to us about making the film, his cast mates Joshua Dickinson and Jemma Dallender, seeing ghosts and being the “Family Dog.”

Interview with Nate Fallows

How did you get involved with The Mirror?

Lied through my teeth at the audition and told a ghost story that I swore had happened to me and my best mate. Ed (Boase, Director) and Gillian (Hawser, Casting Director), looked like they couldn’t make out whether I was bullshitting.

The Mirror is based on a true story of an eBay auction of a haunted mirror. Did you get a chance to see the mirror or talk to the guys involved and what did you think of their story and their evidence?

I saw pictures of the real mirror, which looks pretty normal and have met the previous owners. They didn’t give compelling hard evidence which fuelled the cynic in me but they gave one hell of a performance when describing their goings on. It was clear that they truly believed what they were saying had happened.

How would you describe the character you play and the terrifying experience they go through?

Steve’s got a ‘family dog’ feel about him. He’s a bit of a pain in the ass, but he’s also cuddly and soft and silly.

There are only three main characters in the whole film, how did you get along with your fellow cast members and what was it like filming predominantly in one location with them on every shot?themirror

Well, luckily. Josh and Jemma thrive in an improvised environment so it was a lot of fun bouncing off them both. Also, five o’clock beers helped.

What where the challenges you found in making a found footage film?

Um, actually filming it. I’m by no means a cameraman, but I must have shot over 50% of the film. Whilst acting, with no script, improvising. That was tricky.

The film premiered at FrightFest did you enjoy the horror festival?

Yes! What a great bunch they all are. We had a wonderful reception from our audience. It was a belter.

Do you believe in the paranormal and has anything supernatural ever happened to you?

Yes. I actually saw an old lady ghost when I was about 11. It’s scared the socks off me and iv feared of seeing her ever since.

What is your favorite horror film and why?

It’s got to be ‘Deliverance’. Those creepy, banjo-playing inbred hillbillies are terrific.

What’s next for you?

A BBC 1 drama called ‘The C WORD’ with Sheridan Smith

Read our interview with Joshua Dickinson Here and Jemma Dallender Here and look out for our interviews with writer and director Ed Boase in the next few days and check out the trailer below:


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