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Sometimes I get tired of watching DVDs and reading the same horror magazines over and over again. It gets quite boring and I sometimes wish that I could find a magazine that deals not only with horror subjects, but also things like the paranormal too.

As luck would have it, I think I’ve just discovered a magazine that does that – plus a whole lot more besides.

Haunted Digital Magazine

Haunted Digital Magazine started life as a printed publication about two years ago and developed quite a cult following. Running for 11 issues, editor Paul Stevenson decided that he would publish further issues in digital format, which not only saves on printing costs but allows the magazine to contain more pages and interactive features.

So what’s in the digital magazine then you ask?

Well, to say that the magazine is a big read would be an understatement. At 160 pages, HDM has to be one of the biggest magazines I’ve read in digital format for a while.

In issue one there are some great features:
Call Me – This is MAW (Model, Actress, Whatever) Dani Thompson’s first movie script which she is developing under the watchful gaze of HDM (and us). In Haunted, they discuss the development, funding and shooting of the film. Stars already down to appear are Suzi Lorraine of Bikini Girls On Ice (I would so kidnap and hold this girl hostage, but enough about the day job) and Charlie Bond of Strippers Vs Werewolves. Dani also has her Deadly Diary which allows you to experience some of her life as an actress and as a model.

Noose Of The World – Obviously harking back to the now extinct Sunday newspaper, NOTW looks at paranormal activity effecting not only celebrities but also people from all over the world. I had to laugh at the article about a 95 year old Chinese woman rising from the dead. Totally laugh out loud!

Wickedpedia: Lon Chaney – Wickedpedia looks at the the life Haunted Digital Magazineand careers of Hollywood legends and the article on Lon Chaney is most informative, providing an overview of Lon’s career and a filmography for any fans who may be missing one or two films from their collection. There’s also an interview with the Chaney family who reminisce proudly about their grandfather and his achievements. I would recommend the magazine for this section alone.

Indie Horror – This section bring you the best of Indie Horror movies. As any of you reading my reviews will know, this is fast becoming a specialist area for me at Love Horror. Three films are reviewed in this issue.

Film Fright with Barry Ghostman – Obviously a homage to a certain other Barry, Film Fright reviews classic and current DVD releases. There are quite a few films reviewed, and the articles are informative whilst not being scared to poke fun either. Worth a look in my opinion.

There are also articles on Top Trumps Horror Cards from the 1970s and an interview with Jonathan Shalcott (The producer of Strippers Vs Werewolves as if you didn’t know). Mix this with a book club called Punch and Judy and you certainly do get variety don’t you?

Smells like Teen Spirit – Carla Dady is one of the youngest ghosthunters in the UK, if not Europe. Read her musings on life as a paranormal investigator.

I could go on about the other content in HDM but that would probably spoil your fun. I would highly recommend the magazine to fans of both the horror and paranormal worlds as the magazine has melded them into one – a fun and interesting read.


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