The Devil’s in the Details

Abandoned as a baby on the steps of a monastery and raised as a devout Capuchin monk, Ambrosio (played with menace by France’s favourite son, Vincent Cassel) has become the most famous monk in Spain.
While large crowds from all over the country come to hear his mesmerising sermons, he’s also bitterly envied for his success. Convinced of his virtue and righteousness, Brother Ambrosio thinks he is immune to temptation until obscure events start terrorizing the monastery.

Vincent Cassell stars in this satanic horror where all is not what it seems. To mark the release of The Monk in cinemas this Friday, April 27th, we take a look at some of the best devils in film.

The Devil’s Advocate

Al Pacino tempts a young Keanu Reeves towards the dark side in this thriller. Pacino’s devil is cool, calm and collected as he lures Reeves with glamorous gifts to join his unique law firm Milton, Chadwick and Waters. As the devil re-embodied, Pacino’s evil nature makes him the perfect Satan. The always powerful legend Pacino truly proves that it’s “Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven.”

the Devil's Advocate

Little Nicky

This hilarious comedy follows Satan, Harvey Keitel, as he decides which of his three sons will succeed him as the ruler of Hell. The three brothers Adrian, Cassius and Nicky must now all compete in vying for their father’s attention. Nicky played by Adam Sandler, is his father’s favourite, and therefore his brothers greatest competition. Nicky proves himself throughout the film as he escapes his brother’s attempts to destroy him. Little Nicky is a classic comedy spin on the evil underworld.

Witches of Eastwick

The role Jack Nicholson was born to play! As the mysterious Daryl Van Horne, Nicholson shows up in the town of Eastwick to answer the prayers of three friends Alex Medford, Jane Spofford and Sukie Ridgemont who are all in search for the perfect man. Nicholson is quickly able to capture the attention of the three women, using his powers to connect to them emotionally.
Although a bit scary looking, Nicholson’s seduction and control over the women makes it impossible to take your eyes off of him.


This love story with a twist is one of Ridley Scott’s cult classics. As the Lord of Darkness, Tim Curry seeks to destroy all daylight by killing the unicorns and marrying Princess Lily. Darkness works together with his sidekick Blix in order to achieve his takeover. Although he is eventually taken out by his biggest weakness, daylight, the Lord of Darkness is by far one of the scariest looking devils in cinema history, causing you cower at the mere sight of him.

South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut

South Park obviously took a more humorous approach to portraying the devil. After watching the R-Rated movie “Terrance and Phillips” all the children in the area become corrupted by the naughty nature of the characters and their parents must work together to stop them by waging war on Canada. It is the responsibility of the boys to save the world from the unlikely and ironic couple of the Devil and Saddam Hussein.


Jason Lee plays Azrael in this film, sent to hell for refusing to pick a side during the war between God and Lucifer. With an all-star cast including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Salma Hayek and Chris Rock this comedy will keep you laughing with the characters crazy adventures. Azrael working for Satan, warns Bartleby and Loki who have escaped from Hell that they will not get away with it. Manipulative and funny Azrael will have you laughing throughout the film.

Angel Heart

This horror film follows Robert De Niro as Louis Cyphre short for Lucifer. Cyphre hires Angel, played by Mickey Rourke, to unveil a mystery of the past. His long fingernails and elegant stature makes De Niro creepy from the beginning. Although you would never pin him as the devil, De Niro shines in this role.

Deniro The Devil

The Monk is in cinemas this Friday, 27th April; watch the trailer here:


The Templar

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