Five to watch at Frightfest 2011

With Frightfest 2011 but a few days away, we thought that it would be helpful to you all if we could suggest some ‘must see movies’ so that you don’t miss out.

There’s a whole heap of films being shown at this year’s Frightfest and unless you have the time and money to see each and every on of them, you’ll probably benefit from some guidance on which to catch. Most of them are yet to be released, so it can be hard to find some impartial advice on the matter – that’s where we come in.
So here, in no particular order, are the films that we’ll be watching come hell or high water.

5 Must-See Films at Frightfest 2011


What’s it about:

There’s a zombie outbreak and a guy called Mike gets bitten, ending up as one of the walking dead. But after his transformation he notices a ring in his pocket and realises that he still had unfinished business as a human – to propose to his true love, Ellie.
Mike teams up with a couple of other zombies (Brent and Cheese) as they take a road trip to reach Ellie and give Mike the opportunity to fulfil his (now rotting) heart’s desire.
Unfortunately for the trio there are some obstacles to overcome, including some bad-ass zombie hunters who want to do them all sorts of harm.

What’s so great about it?

Just when you thought that the zombie movie had been done to death (then resurrected and done to death all over again) the Pierce brothers have come up with a new take on the zombie condition, mixing horror with action and comedy.
It’s a refreshing idea for a stale genre and is set to make you fall in love with zombies all over again.
Lots of critics are putting it on a level peg with Shaun of the Dead. And you liked Shaun of the Dead, didn’t you?

Deadheads Frightfest 2011

Troll Hunter

What’s it about?

It’s a Norwegian documentary style film about a group of people who spend their lives looking for great big monsters (trolls). Norway might not be your first choice of holiday destination, but if you’re after fat, ugly trolls, it’s the place to go – apparently.
We follow Hans as he goes about his daily toil – not delivering mail, not filing paperwork, but tracking down these repulsive menaces to put them out of their misery and make Norway a safer place.
Expect lots of cool troll smashing action with a healthy dose of quirkiness.

What’s so great about it?

It’s a great, original idea, and a fun horror film which takes you on an exciting trip around Norway hunting big monsters.
Okay, so comes from the Blair Witch school of camcorder photography, but when out hunting trolls at night, a camcorder is probably all you can manage. It’s realistic man!
Except for the trolls of course which don’t really exist. Or do they?!

Trollhunter Frightfest 2011

A lonely Place to Die

What’s it about?
5 mountaineers lead by Alison (Melissa George) go on a climbing trip together in Scotland and are having a great time until they find a curious tube coming out of the ground on a patch of land.
They investigate further and find that a young girl is beneath the earth and they must use all of their wilderness knowhow to get her out. The girl can’t really speak English, which is irritating because it turns out that she was put underground by some particularly nasty kidnappers – they aren’t happy about Alison and her mates coming along.
Cue lots of tension, adrenaline and nasty vertigo inducing chases.

What’s so great about it?
Melissa George. Can you remember watching a horror film with her in that you didn’t like? I didn’t think so. Even when faced with the prospect of certain death in some remote mountains she still exudes ‘kick-ass’ and ‘cute’.
She also has a talent for picking good films to star in (particularly horror/thriller), so you can assume that this one will not disappoint.

A Lonely Place to Die Frightfest 2011

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

What’s it about?
Tucker and Dale are a couple of regular redneck guys who own a gas station in a quiet rural area.
One day, a bunch of teenagers drive through en-route to a cabin where they’re planning to stay, party and have wild teenage fun. But terrible things start to happen to the kids, and no matter how hard Tucker and Dale try to help them, the teens just keep on ending up dead.
Tucker and Dale Vs Evil turns the slasher/redneck movie on its head and gives it a comedic edge.

What’s so great about it?
It’s funny, it’s gory, it’s nasty and best of all, it contains the staple horror movie elements that we all know and love:
Rednecks, a remote cabin, a bunch of naive teenagers, a chainsaw, and a whole load of horrible bloody deaths for the victims – from being impaled on a tree branch to being turned to mulch in a wood chipper.
For once, you’ll take pity on the rednecks and you don’t have to feel a little bit guilty for wanting the teenagers to meet horrible ends.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil Frightfest 2011

Fright Night

What’s it about?
Teenager Charley (Anton Yelchin) starts to lose friends quickly when a new guy named Gerry (Colin Farrell) moves into the neighbourhood. Things seem pretty normal until Charley’s friend Eddie (McLovin) explains that Gerry is a vampire who is busy turning the whole community into bloodsuckers.
Soon enough Charley finds himself head to head with Gerry as battles to protect his mother and girlfriend with the help of a vampire hunting stage performer (David Tennant).
It’s a reboot of the 1980’s classic of the same name. It is also the biggest budget movie at Frightfest this year.

What’s so great about it?
Did you see the original Fright Night? It was fun right? Well this Fright Night is fun too. And it has been re-imagined tastefully. Some core elements are there, but apart from that it’s all new baby – and all in explosive 3D.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cower, you’ll jump and you might well think that you’re going to be hit by flying vampire guts.

Frightfest 2011 Fright Night 2011

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  • So, you included the anodyne, misconceived re-make of Fright Night in your Top Five, but not Rabies – the best film at FrightFest by far. And what about Kill List?

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  • I’m looking forward to Final Destination 5 and The Wicker Tree…

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  • it looks more like ‘five films to watch’ than ‘the five best’.
    Yeah, I’d watch all 5! 🙂

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