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Following in the footsteps of The Host, Chaw is another remarkable entry into the new wave of Korean cinema and the Asian monster movie revival.
Darkly humorous and equally terrifying, Chaw is the flesh eating, mutant offspring of Twin Peaks and Razorback with special effects from the team behind Lemony Snicket, The Perfect Storm, Day After Tomorrow and Star Wars prequels.

CHAW is the tale of various oddball characters who have gathered to hunt down a giant, man-eating wild boar. The film mixes both horror and comedy, and was written and directed by Shin Jeong-won, a former music video producer and art director who had made a successful debut with his first feature TO CATCH A VIRGIN GHOST (Sisily 2km) in 2004. The movie recorded approximately 1.8 million admissions during its domestic theatrical run.?

The film is out on region 2 DVD and Blu Ray on 1st March here in the UK. But as ever, with all good DVD releases, we have copies to give away!
For your chance to win, enter the competition below:

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