The Silent House Poster Competition

We’re very excited about the fact that we’re mentioned on The Silent House poster (see here), so much so that we’re running a cool new competition to celebrate.

The new poster for The Silent House is out there now, on trains, billboards, bus shelters and in cinemas. AND IT HAS OUR QUOTE ON IT! We’re very happy about that.

the silent house

The Competition

If you see the poster for The Silent House when you’re out and about, take a photo of yourself or a friend next to it and post it on our Twitter or Facebook page. The best submission will win an awesome prize!

The Prize

We’re giving away a special Love Horror goody bag for the photo that we decide is the best.
The goody back will contain a Lions Gate horror DVD box set, a limited edition Love Horror fridge magnet and any other little random horror bits we can get our hands on.

So what are you waiting for? Take some photos and you could win a prize!


PR monster

He literally eats, sleeps and excretes horror news.

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