Love Bite (2012) Review

I caught the trailer of Love Bite some time ago and decided then that it was a film that I should avoid.

Its balance of British Comedy Horror looked all to familiar and it looked like yet another pretender to the Shaun of the Dead throne which would leave me feeling dissatisfied. Like Lesbian Vampire Killers, except this time with werewolves.

In truth, my first impressions weren’t too far off the mark.Love Bite British horror 2012 werewolf

A handsome, genuine young man named Jamie is stuck looking after his Mother’s bed and breakfast at a seaside town called Rainmouth.
Jamie and small group of male, teenage friends are at that age where losing your virginity is the only thing that matters.
But as they pass the time trying to get closer to the opposite sex, a werewolf prowls around on moonlit nights, hungry for virgin flesh (which is reportedly tastier). Teenagers disappear and mysterious strangers arrive at the town, and before long Jamie and his friends are entangled in a web of passion, mystery and terror.

When I say passion, I really mean ‘teenagers awkwardly rolling about in their underwear’. The mystery part is actually a pretty poorly composed ‘whodunnit’ element. And when I say terror, I actually mean mild jumps and brief glimpses of blood and beast.

Love Bite British horror 2012 werewolf Love Bite British horror 2012 werewolf

At the same time as being predictable and lacking in the thrill department though, Love Bite did surprise me in some areas and one of these was the acting talent. From the lead dish Ed Speleers to the talented veteran, Timothy Spall, the cast really couldn’t be faulted and turned what was otherwise a mediocre idea into one that I did actually want to see through to the end.

The film is a polished as any other in its class. I felt it was similar in calibre to Stitches and was equally capable at providing odd moments of humour and creativity which add to its appeal.

Love Bite British horror 2012 werewolf

One particularly funny device was the idea of the boys being in a race against time to lose their virginity, though the idea probably could have been more amusing with a little more thought.

As far as British horror comedy goes, Love Bite is a decent and well finished film that would probably find favour with teenage audiences.
As usual though, the more experienced viewer may find everything a little lacking in innovation and excitement.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ½ ☆ ☆ 



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