Interview with Stuart Brennan star of The Reverend

The ReverendThe Reverend, out on DVD on the 6th August, is a British vampire action horror that aims for your neck and your balls. We caught up with the man behind the blood covered dog collar – actor Stuart Brennan – to ask him about the movie and more.

LoveHorror: Tell us how The Reverend came to be and how you got involved with it?

Stuart Brennan Neil wrote the script, sent it over to me and instantly it appealed. We raised the finance pretty quickly for it, as vampire films are very current and we managed to secure a great cast, which always helps!

LoveHorror: What was the inspiration for the film and the main character?

Stuart Brennan: Neil has a background in theology, so the idea came from that and also his passion for westerns. The character of The Reverend is a superb role, full of conflict. You don’t get much more internal strife than a Reverend who has to kill people to survive.

LoveHorror: The movie has a great eclectic cast from cult legend Rutger Hauer to Pinhead himself Doug Bradley to Eastender Shane Richie to horror babe Emily Booth and more. What was it like working with all these actors?

Stuart Brennan: To sum it up in a word. Inspiring. Doug is so well known because of his work on the Hellraiser movies, getting to act opposite him was really cool. Emily Booth is just one of the most lovely people you’ll ever meet and she’s incredibly dedicated and talented. Shane Richie is great fun, he turned up full of ideas and really excited to do something so different from the usual sort of work we know him for.

Then of course Tamer Hassan; he’s a character! He turned up ready to work and brought some great ideas to his role and the film and was surprisingly technical in his approach to acting, he really put a lot of thought into what he was doing and his motivations.

Rutger Hauer… what can I say, working with him was an acting masterclass. He is sooo cool. I was a big fan of his and so to work opposite him was a dream come true. He’s a creative force, literally analysing and assessing every little movement, every vocal nuance, coming up with ideas, questioning everything, making sure, things were perfect. A complete legend.

The Reverend

LoveHorror: What in your opinion sets The Reverend apart from other vampire movies?

Stuart Brennan: It’s got a great story and relies on the story, rather than flashy camera work and effects. It draws you in, settles you down and takes you on a journey. And our vampire certainly doesn’t sparkle…

LoveHorror: What are your favorite vampire movies apart from you own of course and why?

Stuart Brennan: I really enjoyed Stakeland, I thought that was very cool. Let the Right One In, the original was so fresh and vibrant. I enjoy new takes on the genre. The classics are great too. Christopher Lee for me, is Mr. Vampire.

LoveHorror: So what’s next for you?

Stuart Brennan: We’ve got a number of great projects on the go, a whole variety. One in particular I’m excited about is another horror entitled ‘A Backpacker’ that I’m working with a Spanish director on, who did an incredible short called ‘Merry Little Christmas’, that’s going to be something very dark, very special. Neil and I also have a few action films, that are going to be a lot of fun to make. We have one project with some big A-list talented involved, which we can’t talk about yet, but that will be something amazing to work on soon as well.

LoveHorror: And lastly who would win in a fight The Reverend, The Vicar of Dibley or Father Ted?

Stuart Brennan: Father Ted comes out swinging, Vicar of Dibley sits on him, The Reverend rips into both their throats, blood everywhere, he pulls out his stake and impales them both. Flames everywhere, no more annoying TV shows, the public rejoice and everyone buys their family ten dvd’s of The Reverend for Christmas. Everyone wins. Boom.

The Reverend is out on DVD on the 6th August 2012. You can read our review right Here.


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