Lesbian Vampire Warriors

Lesbian Vampire WarriorsBefore you yell in anger, no this is not in any way related to the puerile pile of drivel inflicted on us all by Corden and Horne.
This is in fact a Twilight-inspired Chinese vampire thriller from Writer/Producer/Director Dennis Law. The film pitches vampire-hunter Jiang Luxia against an evil vampire Lord in an entertaining, sexy and stylish, action-packed horror thriller.

In this twilight world the humans live alongside the blood-sucking predators as long as they stick to their diet of small animals. Ar (Jiang Luxia) – a non-vampire and her vampire-girlfriend Max (Chrissie Chau Sau-Na) cohabit happily despite their ‘cultural differences’.

But for Max and her vampire siblings, life is otherwise very dull. They experience no pain, cold, discomfort, touch, or warmth and without the thrill of the kill there is nothing to do except hang upside down in bed all day, think about sex, and loiter around street corners with their vamp-teen friends. However their non-lives are about to get a lot more exciting and very dangerous indeed.

Ar is a vigilante and hunts down the bad-vampires, the ones that feast on human blood so they can be destroyed for the good of the community. Luckily she has a sixth sense – the power to ‘sniff out’ vampires before they sense her. She is also searching for her lost sister Sue who may, or may not, have succumbed to a vampire love bite.

Lesbian Vampire Warriors is released by Arrow Films. It will be available to buy on DVD from 25th June 2012. Look out for more news and a review soon and in the meantime enjoy this clip:


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