Harpoon (2019) Review

Not since Sam Neill, Billy Zane and Nicole Kidman set sail in Dead Calm (1989) have we had a lost-at-sea thriller on the level of Harpoon.

When couple Richard and Sasha and their close friend Jonah set sail on their small private yacht things are far from ‘okay’ between them.

Richard is fiery and suspicious of the relationship between his girlfriend and buddy Jonah; Jonah does have designs on Sasha; and Sasha is still smarting from the discovery that Richard has been unfaithful to her.

It’s a complicated triangle on the brink of an incident, and to make matters worse, when they set off to reconsile at sea things go sour fast when yet another argument erupts, turns physical and the boat refuses to start.

The delicate balance of friendship and and sexual tension between the three combines with their desire for food and drink as the days pass and it becomes increasingly obvious that no-one is coming to save them.

Harpoon 2019

The result is a heady mix, building persistent tension and leading to a truly unpredictable experience.

Harpoon 2019

Harpoon is masterfully constructed. The relationship between the three (only) characters is well thought out and their story is sensational, yet believeable. Similarly, the situation is unlikely but not beyond the realms of possibility which makes it interesting and entertaining.

The cast is well selected, which is critical in such a character focussed production and the proficiency of each of them is clearly evident, right from the explosive opening scene.

With only three characters and one location, the strength of the cast, concept and script crucial. Harpoon finds perfect equilibrium with the three, with a garnish of blood and dark humour for good measure.

Harpoon sets the audience adrift in a sea of tension for for the full duration. It’s a great mix of horror, suspense, humour and suspense which will appeal to horror lovers everywhere. Oh and there’s even narration by Brett Gelman for all you Stranger Things fans.

Harpoon 2019

It’ll definitely be one of the more memorable titles from this year’s Frightfest.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



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