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Doghouse (2009)

Opening with intros to the main characters, comedy horror Doghouse follows a group of geezers who take their recently divorced mate Vince (This is England’s Stephen Graham, playing less ‘fascist’ and more ‘melancholy’) on a lads weekend away in the English countryside. Up for a fun time of football, f-ing and blinding, booze and most […]Read More

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I Sell the Dead (2008)

Grave robbers have always had a bad press. The idea of digging up fresh corpses for cash doesn’t sound like a very honest living to most of us. But if you consider that these practices contributed to medical science in a big way, you can view them in a different light. Similarly, when I first […]Read More


Dead Snow (2009)

Dead Snow has been given a lot of exposure. Lots of hype leads to high expectations. And surely, when it comes to zombie-nazis, those expectations will ultimately be met. But there have been a lot of zombie films recently. And there is plenty more to come, with Zombieland and others on their way. Have we […]Read More

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Wicked Little Things (2006)

Wicked Little Things has a very important lesson to teach us all. Zombie/Ghost children are terrifying. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter how hokey or obvious the plot, if you get your monster right then you will succeed in scaring the pants off your audience. It’s surprising how many horror filmmakers seem to neglect this.Read More


Quarantine (2008)

Are first person, camcorder perspective films being a bit over played recently? Maybe. But it has to be said that this style of shooting does seem to be a more effective way to involve the audience. As far as horror is concerned, it all took off with the excellent Blair Witch Project; was somewhat successful […]Read More


Shaun of the Dead (2004) Review

Shaun (Simon Pegg) is stuck in a rut: his days are spent in a cruddy job; his nights in his local pub with his lazy best mate Ed (Nick Frost). He’s lacking in vision and seems unwilling to do anything about it – so his girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield) decides she has had enough and […]Read More