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RING – T-shirt competition

To celebrate the newly restored cinematic return of Hideo Nakata’s classic RING, which will release in cinemas across the UK from the 1st March, we have a Ring T-shirt up for grabs courtesy of Arrow Video!Read More

Pulse [Kairo] (2001) Review

Watching Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s outstanding Japanese horror movie Pulse 16 years after it was initially released the most shocking thing is both how far forward technology has advanced and yet how tragically relevant the movies message still is.Read More


ALICE LOWE EXCLUSIVE SHUDDER CURATION Alice Lowe beats the January blues with her favourite SHUDDER picks. Alice’s roles in cult comedy classics such as Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Hot Fuzz and The Mighty Boosh along with her work as co-writer and star of Sightseers have made her a unique voice in genre film and television. As […]Read More