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Paul Gannon’s Top 10 Horror Movies

Paul Gannon is the man behind the 13th Hour Horror Festival show <a href="http://leicestersquaretheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows/873485709/events">Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost</a> and here he talks about his top ten horror films which unsurprisingly includes Ghostbusters!Read More

Skyline (2010) Review

Aliens have been invading our cinema screens since the 1950’s. The swell of popularity in science fiction surged into cinemas with movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still and The War of the Worlds capturing peoples awe and attention, entertaining and alarming them in equal measures.Read More

Monsters (2010) Review

Gareth Edwards debut feature opens with a frenetic night vision shot showing army troops taking on a giant alien monster squid. From these first few frames you could be confused in thinking you where watching a Cloverfield cover version. However once the film gets going you will find that this Sci-Fi horror is one of […]Read More

LoveHorror at FrightFest 2010 – Day 5 / Part 1

And so we finally arrive at the last day of FrightFest 2010! A sad day indeed and after 4 full days of non-stop horror films I didn’t want this amazing event to end. But before leaving my personal cinema seat and surrendering to the sorrow and mediocrity of a FrightFest-less world I still had a […]Read More

LoveHorror at FrightFest 2010 – Day 4 / Part 1

For many people Sunday is Gods day. For me and the entire audience in Screen 1 of the Empire Leicester square Sunday was day four of FrightFest, a day for blood, guts, banshees, cannibals, scary shorts and a quiz from hell none of which God and his people would probably approve of and all of […]Read More