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The Final (2010) Review

In many ways The Final is a modern low-budget horror film with a difference. It doesn’t follow the more well-trodden narrative tropes of the high school slasher movie. There are no teenage tv stars or veteran character actors in the cast, no pointless sex scenes or terrified women running around in their underwear. It also […]Read More

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Jason Kabolati The Final interview

<em>The Final</em> has been hotly anticipated by Love Horror since its inclusion in the '8 Films to Die For' selection at the last <a href="http://www.horrorfestonline.com/" target="_blank">After Dark Horrorfest</a>. No UK release date has been penned as yet, but with those involved in its production busy promoting it in Cannes, Zombie2 managed to catch up with writer, Jason KabolatiRead More