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Women Versus The Wicked

It’s a common misconception that women are only in horror films to scream. Not so – the genre has put women front and centre for decades, showing men a trick or two about conquering evil. In the terrifying new online seance chiller HOST, a group of female friends are left to deal with a malevolent […]Read More

Horror Favourites – Federico Zampaglione

Italian musician and film director Federico Zampaglione has followed up on his well-received short movie BIANCA, with an even more horrific study of Italy under lockdown – BIANCA: PHASE 2 and to celebrate we bring you not only both parts but an exclusive interview.Read More

Dead Mine (2012) Review

When a gang of treasure hunters searching for lost riches on a remote Indonesian island come across an abandoned mine they believe they have finally discovered what they have been looking for.Read More

Urban Explorer (2011) Review

Receiving its UK premier at FrightFest this year Urban Explorer can be summed up in one line – Creep meets The Descent under Berlin. Hold on make that two lines the other being – It’s a load of crap.Read More

Devil’s Playground (2010) Review

Premiered at last years Gorezone festival and now out on DVD and Blu-Ray Devil’s Playground is a pure slice of entertaining British zombie movie mayhem very much drinking from the same squirting vein as 28 Days Later and the like. Following the decimation of the United Kingdom after a chemical company unleash a performance-enhancing drug […]Read More