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One Missed Call [Chakushin ari] (2003) Review

Following the sensationally scary Ringu (1998) and Kairo aka Pulse (2001) Chakushin ari also known as One Missed Call combines a slick supernatural story with an accurate critique of our obsession with technology that is far ahead of its time, all the while totally terrifying the audience.Read More

First Love [Hatsukoi] (2019) Review

Leo is a promising boxer who is about to come face-to-face with his own mortality after an unexpected loss in the ring. He’s also about to come face-to-face with drug-addled escort Monica, who’s been hired for the night by corrupt cop Otomo who’s in cahoots with Yakuza Kase, the two of them intending to hijack […]Read More


BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is the 100th project from legendary director Takashi Miike (Audition, Ichi The Killer, 13 Assassins) it is based on the hugely popular manga by Hiroaki Samura and produced by the UK’s Jeremy Thomas (Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, The Last Emperor, High-Rise).Read More

Blade of the Immortal (2017) Review

I consumed Takashi Miike’s live action adaptation of Hiroaki Samura’s manga, ‘Blade Of The Immortal’ during a packed screening in Cannes. Miike enjoys one of the largest cult followings for his extreme moviemaking. Nobody has been generating the kind of daring, original and larger-than-life cinema for as long as, in such frequency.Read More