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13 Sins (2014) Review

Swaying between jet black humor and unnervingly real horror 13 Sins shines a light on our present day society illuminating how easy it is to turn anyone into a monster given the right motivation, a concept that makes for both a brilliant movie and a deeply unsettling realization about the world around us.Read More

Season of the Witch (2010) Review

It is the age of the Crusades, the year of our father 1332. And while Holy wars wage in desert lands, back in Europe a different religious war is taking place as the church plays judge, jury and executioner on any women it believes to be in league with the devil as a practicing witch.Read More

I Sell the Dead (2008)

Grave robbers have always had a bad press. The idea of digging up fresh corpses for cash doesn’t sound like a very honest living to most of us. But if you consider that these practices contributed to medical science in a big way, you can view them in a different light. Similarly, when I first […]Read More