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Dead and Buried (1981) Review

Potters Bluff seems like an idyllic coastal town. But as is the case in many a horror film, just below the surface lurks a dark, sinister secret. The problem is, visitors to the town keep turning up dead, and it’s no accident. When someone new arrives in the area a group of locals targets them, […]Read More

976-Evil (1988) Review

With parents panicking over excessive screen time, the damaging effects of social media, cyber bullying and exploding devices you would think that a fear of phones is a modern dilemma. Unexpectedly you would be wrong.Read More

Cult of Terror (2018) Review

Who says being scared can’t equate to having a good time? Argentinian Documentary filmmaker, Gustavo Mendoza explores the global fascination for the morbid and the macabre in this fantastically assembled film told through the genre festival circuit. Speaking to some of the most established names in horror, Mendoza investigates what is it that draws us […]Read More

Nightworld (2017) review

Of the many offerings from 2017’s bevvy of brilliant horror films, one couldn’t help but be drawn to the Frightfest feature that involved Robert ‘Krueger’ Englund.Read More