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Brain Dead (1990) Review

Two weeks ago if you had said to me “Have you seen Brain Dead?“ I would have replied “That crazy New Zealand horror comedy where the guy kills zombies with a lawnmower, sure I have” and I would have been wrong.Read More

Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan (2011) Review

The influence of special effects magician Ray Harryhausen, who very sadly passed away this week aged 92,  is immeasurable however the list of directors interviewed for the definitive documentary Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan will give you a small idea of his impact on modern movie making.Read More

The Devil Dared Me To (2007) Review

New Zealand is famous for… well lets be honest not very much really but The Devil Dared Me To attempts to change all that both in fiction and reality as the comedy duo of Chris Stapp and Matt Heath bring us a gore filled action movie about Randy Cambell a man on a mission to […]Read More

District 9 (2009) Review

Welcome to District 9, an alien slum within Johannesburg where voodoo gangsters consume extraterrestrial flesh, cat food is the ultimate commodity and a monolithic spaceship hovers motionless in the sky. This is the brilliant, chimerical creation of Neil Blomkamp, a twenty something, South African born director and technical wizard. Nurtured by film making veteran Peter […]Read More