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Asylum (1972) Review

From the twisted mind of the writer of Psycho, Robert Bloch, Asylum is a horror anthology set, as you may have already guessed, in a hospital for the mentally unstable. Opening with the arrival of a new doctor played by Robert Powell, the young physician meets the man in charge Dr Rutherford (Patrick Magee) and […]Read More


FROM PSYCHO writer Robert Bloch and directed by Roy Ward Baker (A Night to Remember), iconic 1972 Amicus horror anthology Asylum is set for the Limited Edition Blu-ray treatment from Second Sight.Read More

Orson Welles Great Mysteries: Volume 1 (1973) Review

Orson Welles is an iconic figure and the perfect choice for hosting an anthology series telling tales of suspense and terror. Appearing in shadowy silhouette as the brilliant John Barry theme plays over the titles every episode of Orson Welles Great Mysteries begins with his rich deep voice introducing another instalment of intrigue.Read More

100 Pages of Horror –Horror Express by John Connolly

It might not surprise anyone reading this website to find that alongside my intense enjoyment of watching horror films I also like to read books in the horror genre. One of my favourite authors is John Connolly and although he is most famous for his Charlie Parker series which blends crime and the supernatural he […]Read More

Horror Express (1972) Review

For lovers of macabre movies the names Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing evoke all sorts of images from a host of different horror films. Be it modern or classic collaborations, there catalogue of Hammer films together or even there most famous roles individually as theatrical duelling duos go Cushing and Lee are amongst the greatest.Read More