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10 Questions with Paul Hyett, director of HERETIKS

What first attracted you to actor Gregory Blair’s script? When Templeheart gave me the script of HERETIKS (although it was a different title at the time), the one thing that really grabbed my interest was the opportunity to do a creepy period horror, set in 17th Century England. I’d already shot a war-set film, a […]Read More

Interview with Paul Hyett Director of The Seasoning House

After premiering at last years FrightFest to mass audience applause Paul Hyett’s tense and disturbing horror The Seasoning House finally gets the cinematic release it so thoroughly deserves. We got to chat to Paul about his shift from special effects guru to director, touring the festival circuit and how The Seasoning House came into creation. LoveHorror: I saw The Seasoning House […]Read More