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Trapped Alive (1988) Review

An abandoned mine is a hell of a location. Fitted for a multitude of purposes it can be the site of heroic daring do in the quest of ancient treasure ala Indian Jones, a kid friendly creepy adventure into the unknown with Scooby Doo or even a politically charged feel good drama like Brassed Off […]Read More

Maniac Cop (1988) Review

Now I know what you’re thinking my cine-literate well educated horror loving readers. With a film called Maniac Cop there are two things that you must expect. One is a cop who is a maniac, and the second is a film that is as gory and entertaining as it is completely stupid.Read More

My Bloody Valentine (2009) Review

I should have learned my lesson last time. Do not watch a remake of an old horror film that you love, as you will invariably be disappointed. The problem this time was… That it was in 3D!!! I couldn’t miss out on that! Plus, as the film began, I realised that it wasn’t intended as […]Read More