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Higanjima: Escape from Vampire Island (2009)

Manga has been responsible for some pretty amazing animated films, some of these have have managed to receive mainstream recognition (Akira, Fist of the North Star) and many have served to influence live action movies over the years. More recently Manga too have been creating live action movies themselves and to a mixed reception.Read More


Tokyo Gore School [Gakkô ura saito] (2009)

With a title like Tokyo Gore School you may think this movie is full of giant mutated killer kids rampaging through Japan with blood sodden school satchels and not the action packed chase thriller packed with social comment it actual is. Made on a low budget this is a movie high on ideas with a […]Read More


Goemon (2009)

Goemon, the titular hero, begins the movie wearing an ivy patterned scarlet robe. He moves with cartoonish limber, refusing to kill where he does not need to and silhouettes himself histrionically in front of a fluorescent moon.Read More