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Clapboard Jungle (2020) Review

With advances in technology, it seems as though anyone can make a film now. Paradoxically, being a filmmaker, certainly a successful one, has never been more difficult. The market is over-saturated with product and the opportunities to get a movie financed and made appear to be dwindling. Read More

The Stuff (1985) Review

At the start of The Stuff Jason (Scott Bloom) an all American boy in his kitchen for a late night snack, witnesses the fat free yogurt-like sensation that is sweeping the nation – ambiguously named The Stuff – moving in his refrigerator as if it was aliveRead More

Maniac Cop (1988) Review

Now I know what you’re thinking my cine-literate well educated horror loving readers. With a film called Maniac Cop there are two things that you must expect. One is a cop who is a maniac, and the second is a film that is as gory and entertaining as it is completely stupid.Read More